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You are invited to THE BLOODLESS MEDICINE & SURGERY WEEK 2016,   from 15TH MAY to 21ST MAY 2016  , at The University of Calabar Teaching Hospital Conference Hall, Calabar, Nigeria. 



Welcome to the Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Group (BMSG)!  We are a group of health workers and stakeholders who are committed to promoting safe and good quality medical care without the use of allogeneic blood transfusion, especially in a resource-poor setting.

Bloodless Medicine & Surgery (BMS) is a recognized area of Blood Management which emphasizes the provision of quality medical care without the use of allogeneic blood, with the aim of improving outcome and protecting patients’ rights.  It started as an advocacy in the 1960s for patients who objected to blood transfusion.  The advent of HIV in the 1980s brought issues of blood safety to the fore and gave BMS a more general appeal.  However, it is Evidence-Based Medicine that drives the current practice of BMS.

Evidence-Based Medicine in the 1990s challenged the efficacy of blood transfusion which had been taken for granted for decades.  The mountain of current research evidence demonstrates that blood transfusion is associated with adverse outcome, and is an independent risk factor for morbidity and mortality in virtually all known categories of patients, but has no proven benefit.  BMS on the other hand is associated with improved outcome, shorter hospital stay, and lower mortality; it is therefore Evidence-Based, and the standard of care in modern clinical practice.

BMSG is determined to bring home the benefits of current evidence in blood management to patients and clinicians in resource-poor settings.  We encourage, organize, and join seminars, symposia, lectures, conferences and publications on BMS, Blood Conservation, Patient Blood Management, Blood Transfusion Alternatives, Non-Transfusion Medicine, and related areas to change attitudes and practice for the better.  We have achieved our aim of developing the first Bloodless Surgery Program in our sub-region, in University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, which started officially in January 2014.

 Join us in improving the quality of medical care through Evidence-Based practice in the area of Blood Management!  Avoid allogeneic blood transfusion!


Nathaniel I. Usoro


Chairman, Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Group


Consultant General Surgeon

University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Calabar 540001, Nigeria


Iniabasi U. Ilori


Vice-Chairman, Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Group


Consultant Anesthesiologist

University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Calabar 540001, Nigeria


Etim I. Ekanem


Academic Coordinator, Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Group


Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist

University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

Calabar 540001, Nigeria


E-mail:natusoro@bmsg-ucth.org, natusoro@yahoo.com

Phone: +234 8037028752, +234 8059383959

E-mail: iniabasi25@bmsg-ucth.org, iniabasi25@yahoo.com

Phone: +234 8033545123

E-mail: etimekanem@bmsg-ucth.org, ekanmetim@yahoo.com

Phones: +234 8063921756, +234 8023161228